Living a post-divorce life that fulfills your soul + makes your heart sing ...
but feeling lost and stuck, lacking a clear vision?

Thriving after divorce is possible ... but you need to look beyond the physical plane, be courageous, go within and tap into the well of Self.  You already have everything inside you. 

  You can empower yourself to rise and shine. Reconnecting with the vision you hold for yourself is key.
So the question is, are you willing to dive deep in and embark upon the journey?

Are you ready to transform your post-divorce life into magic?

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Hi, my name is Delphine. My work is all about transforming post-divorce life into magic, which I do for soulful women who are looking for profound change and personal power to manifest a life in alignment with their higher Self.
I do this work by writing + teaching about mindset, spirituality, meditation, intuition and life skills. And I do this because I believe that to prosper and thrive after divorce, there is an important inner and spiritual work that needs to be done. Only by embracing the darkness, understanding divorce from a higher perspective and reconnecting with your inner source; you can rise, shine and live a magical life. A meaningful life in which you can become the change agent you've always dreamed of, shining your light upon others.


"It is of great importance to see that you're not alone! ... From now on, this is my new life: building my own future and dreams. Developing myself as a woman, who stands for what she believes in and is accountable for her own choices."

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